Welcome to Ipswich Academy

Welcome to Ipswich Academy!

Our students have an excellent work ethic, a real interest in their studies and ambitious aspirations for the future. Our high standards give our students every opportunity to be successful.

We are clear about our vision; we are clear about how we are going to achieve this; and we are very clear that we want parents/carers to work with us. We believe that great communication and support between parents/carers and our staff is key to a child’s successful school experience.


It’s important that your child attends school every day and on time. Every day matters, every minute counts.


We are an inclusive school, which means that we feel that every child should be able to participate in every aspect of school life with a sense of belonging and a sense of being valued.

We do this by using a nurturing approach and through activities which promote social skills and emotional development, all within a safe, affirming and consistent environment. Please click here for more information about how Paradigm Trust schools support young people with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND).

Our SENCOs are Clare Chikhaoui and Joanne Adams, who can be contacted by calling  Ipswich Academy reception.

Last updated December 3, 2021