Ipswich Academy’s behaviour approach aims to support staff and pupils to develop positive relationships which will lead to a secure learning environment for all.

Teaching and learning can only take place in an atmosphere of calm purposefulness.

The academy’s approach to behaviour management aims to foster in pupils:

  • Good learning behaviours e.g. listening, attention, participation, effort, positive attitude, co-operation
  • Positive and pro-social values
  • Self esteem and confidence
  • A positive attitude about their abilities
  • A sense of responsibility for their actions
  • An understanding of cause and consequence.

Rewards system:

School rules:

  • we treat others with respect and dignity;
  • we are punctual for school and lessons;
  • we respect school and public property;
  • we do not use mobile telephones on school premises;
  • we carry the correct equipment and present our work neatly;
  • we wear our school uniform correctly.


Last updated March 14, 2022