The curriculum at Ipswich Academy:

  • prepares pupils to lead fulfilling lives and to play an active, positive and productive role in our democratic society.
  • is based on the National Curriculum;
  • enhances pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development;
  • promotes fundamental British values;
  • makes provision for pupils to develop their literacy and numeracy skills so that they can access all areas of the curriculum;
  • is responsive to both the current and future needs of pupils through planning from now to 2022;
  • accommodates future examination and assessment reforms;
  • ensures that pupils will be equipped with the correct qualifications to gain access to future study and employment;
  • is well organised and staffed appropriately throughout all year groups;
  • prioritises all year groups equally;
  • meets the needs of learners with special educational needs and disabilities;
  • encourages pupils to master skills and deepen knowledge and understanding;
  • prepares pupils for an ever changing, wider world of work;
  • encourages the use of environments and expertise beyond the classroom including immersive learning;
  • provides interesting and varied extra-curricular activities and educational visits to broaden pupils’ experiences;
  • has local, national and international dimensions.
  • ensures that pupils have the background knowledge to interpret new information from sources including texts and images.

Ipswich Academy follows the national curriculum. In years seven, eight and nine the pupils follow the curriculum plans outlined in the subject pages below. In year nine the pupils have the opportunity to choose their options subjects for years ten and eleven. They will then follow their own select path, resulting in each student having their own tailored programme which enables them to make as much progress as possible. A range of extra-curricular activities across all subjects and year groups supports and supplements the main curriculum plan of the school.

Curriculum overview

At Ipswich Academy we operate a two week timetable. Lessons are one hour long, five lessons per day.

Key stage 3 overview

Y7 subjects hours Y8 subjects hours Y9 subjects hours
English 8 English 8 English 7
Mathematics 8 Mathematics 8 Mathematics 7
Science 8 Science 8 Science 7
Physical education 4 Physical education 4 Physical education 4
French 4 French 4 French 4
Geography 4 Geography 4 Geography 4
History 4 History 4 History 4
Music 2 Music 2 Music 2
Philosophy, religion & ethics 2 Philosophy, religion & ethics 2 Philosophy, religion & ethics 2
Computer science/iMedia 4 Computer science/iMedia 4 Computer science/iMedia 2
Drama 4 Drama 4 Drama 2
Art 4 Art 4 Art 2
Fitness and nutrition 4 Fitness and nutrition 4 Fitness and nutrition 2

Students in years seven and eight complete a rolling ten-week rotation in art, drama, computer science/iMedia and fitness and nutrition.   

Key Stage 4 Overview

In year nine pupils have the opportunity to pick their option choices for years ten and eleven. Students are guided through the option choices by subject staff, base group tutors, careers advisors and parents/carers.The full options booklet outlining all subjects and curriculum content can be found here.

Y10 subjectshoursY11 subjectshours
Physical Education2Physical Education2
Option Choice 16Option Choice 16
Option Choice 26Option Choice 26
Option Choice 36Option Choice 36
Last updated August 30, 2023