Paradigm Trust will be offering remote learning using online systems to support your child if they are unable to attend school because they have been advised to self isolate. As part of that offer, your child will have access to online learning systems such as Google Classroom, ActiveLearn and Sparx amongst others. Students will also have access to their school email account for themselves or you as the parent to contact the school about any classwork that has been set. If you have more general questions please do not hesitate to call or email the school office to discuss these.

Please email us any queries you have to this email address:

As we start to use these online systems to communicate it is important to remember a few things so we can all work together as a community in this situation. You are welcome to use your child’s Google Mail account to email us on the above email address to seek help about the work we have been providing. We will get back to you as soon as they can but will only reply to emails between 8:30am and 3:30pm and a reply may not be sent on the same day as adults will also be supporting children in school. Given this, please do not expect an instant reply – anything urgent should be called in to reception or via the contact form

As always, your support is much appreciated.

Accessing student work

Click on this link to access the Ipswich Academy Student Hub:

Students must use their school Google username and password to access this link.

FAQs for Distance Learning

We have put together some Frequentley Asked Questions to help you with your distance learning, they are here:

Where do we go to access Google Classroom?

We have a Student Hub where all links are for easy access, this is available here

How do I login, do you have a guide?

Yes – click here. You need to use the student Google account to login, no other accounts will work. 

I can’t login to my Google account?

Call the school or email us and we will reset it for you. Email here:

Do you have a link to these systems?

Click here. This is the student homepage and has links to everything they will need. 

It still doesn’t work. It says I need to request access?

This is because you are trying to access the work using your personal Google account and not your school one, log out of your personal account and log in with your school one and try again. You can also use guest mode, instructions on how to use this are here.

I need help with the work, can I email my teacher?

Please email us at and someone will be in touch.

I have the work open from Google Classroom but it won’t let me edit it?

You need to go to File – Make a copy – Give it a name and press ok.

I don’t have a device to work on?

Please email the school here: we have a limited number of devices we can loan on a first come first served basis.

I have been provided with a school device to do my work but it is coming up with or and I cannot log on?

Please start writing the email address, once you press the @ symbol the previous school will disappear and you can log on with your email username.

Can I work on an iPad or Android tablet if I don’t have a computer?

Yes, download Google Classroom on iOS or Android from the App Store or Play Store. 

How do I use this school device?

See attached guide here.

I have finished my work, do I send it to my teacher?

No, please keep it saved in your Google Drive and we will collect in the future.

Last updated June 4, 2024