Introduction to our school catering

From September 2020 Ipswich Academy is going completely cashless, we will no longer accept cash on site and will use our cashless catering system, sQuid, to do this. All of the changes we have made are listed here:

  • We will no longer be accepting cash on site. You will need to use sQuid to load money onto your child’s catering account.
  • Students will be issued with a contactless card.
  • The card replaces the fingerprint/pin number identification we previously used.


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Frequently asked questions (FAQs):

Here are some common frequently asked questions we have put together to help with the change to this new system. 

What do we mean by Cashless Catering?
Your child will be issued with a contactless card by the school that can be used like cash to pay for school meals. You can top up the card by using sQuid, for which full instructions are given below. This is a much safer and more convenient way to pay for meals than cash which can be lost.

My child is Free School Meals, do I need to do anything? 

You do not need to sign up to sQuid right now as their allowance is automatically added each day, but you are welcome to sign up if you would like to add additional money so they can buy food items that are not covered by the Free School Meal allowance. In the future, we will use sQuid to allow you to pay for items like leavers hoodies, ties etc. so it would be a good idea to sign up in readiness.

What do we mean by sQuid?

sQuid is the website you can access to put cash onto your child’s catering account. You may already have a sQuid account, or you may be completely new to sQuid. The instructions given throughout the rest of this document should be sufficient to help you whichever applies to you.

How do I sign up?

If you have not already received a sign up email from sQuid, please email us at and we will arrange for the sign up email to be sent to you from sQuid. When you have the email from sQuid to sign up, follow these instructions:

1. Follow the instructions in the sQuid sign up email or navigate to

2. Click on create a customer account

3. Follow the registration steps

4. Once complete you will need to go to your emails and open the activation email from sQuid.

5. After activating, return to

6. Enter the username and password you have created

7. Fill in the personal details, click save

8. Enter the 16 digit sQuid number, the CVV and a username. You are now logged in and set up with your new account.

What is the blue CRB Cunninghams card?

This is the contactless card, it is linked to your online sQuid account, the money you put on online, is then loaded onto this card for your child to scan when they buy their lunch. The card essentially doubles up as an identification card, allowing catering staff to quickly see which student is at the till and pull up their account. 

My child is Free School Meals, why do they need one?

The card also doubles up as an identification card, this means when they go to the till and scan it, it comes up with their account allowing the catering staff to quickly complete the transaction. They can also use it if you would like to top it up via sQuid, so they can purchase food outside their free school meals allowance, such as at break time.

My child used to use a fingerprint to get lunch , is the card the same thing?

Yes, essentially the card is for your child to identify themselves to catering staff, exactly the same as the fingerprint and pin numbers were before this. We are no longer allowed to use these methods to reduce touchpoints, the contactless card replaces these previous methods. 

When should they bring the card to school?

Students should bring the card to school every day.

What is the QR code on the CRB Cunninghams card?

This is how the cards come, they are pre-printed by our suppliers, the QR code is not needed/does not allow you access to anything.

What is the card number on the CRB Cunninghams card?

This is an internal reference number, you do not need this. When you sign up online and it asks for the sQuid registration number and CVV, these are the two numbers on the email you get from sQuid when we send you the invite. 

My child has lost their card, can they get a new one?

Yes, we charge 50p for a new card, this can be done at reception. The 50p is the cost of the card from our supplier, we do not make any money selling new cards. 

I have signed up, how do I top up?

1. Log into your sQuid account on the website or via the App.

2. Select the tab of the child you wish to make the payment for

3. Scroll down to catering purse

4. Select amount under top up and add to basket

5. Click on ‘view basket’ at the top of the screen.

6. Select checkout and follow the instructions.

If you already have a sQuid account from another school

My child is moving schools. Can I still use my existing account?

You can retain your existing account when your child moves to another school that uses sQuid. You will need the login details provided by the new school in order to transfer your account. If you do not have these please contact the school.

1. Log in to your existing account at

2. Select users at the top of the home page

3. Click Add User

4. Enter the sQuid registration number and CVV provided by us (you can get this information by emailing us at or telephoning us).

5. Select Add to confirm. You will now see two tabs for the child, one for each school.

My child is moving schools. Can I transfer the balance to the new school?

No, funds cannot be transferred from one school account to another as they will have already been settled to the first school’s bank account. Please contact your child’s previous school to determine if a refund can be made or to transfer the balance to a sibling account at the school if appropriate. 

Can I have a single account/login for all my children?

You are able to add multiple children to a single sQuid account, even if the children attend different schools (schools must use the sQuid service).

sQuid and Cashless Catering Instructions for use at two schools. Follow these steps:

1. Log in to the account you want to use as your main account (this will become the only account you use in future).

2. Select the users tab on the home page.

3. Click Add User

4. Enter the sQuid registration number and CVV (activation codes) provided in your activation letter.

5. Select Add to confirm. On your homepage you should now see an additional tab for the child you have added to the account. Repeat this process for any other children you wish to add to your account.

If you do not already have a sQuid account: How do I activate my account?

Email us at or telephone us on 10473 550040. To set up your account, you will need to provide a current email address. This will be your username and will also be used for verification purposes.

What if I still have questions?

If you still have questions on how to use sQuid please either look at the FAQs on the sQuid website – – or contact us via the ‘Contact us’ form at the top of this page. You can also contact sQuid customer services here: