You can access your child’s attendance record on the MCAS app. Good attendance is 95% and above. Our aim is for all students at ipswich Academy to achieve good attendance. The below will help provide guidance on the difference between an authorised absence and an unauthorised absence. Please note these lists are for guidance, the decision of authorised/unauthorised absence is at the discretion of the Principal.

Authorised absence

  • Illness (please provide evidence when possible. GP text, receipt for purchased medications or prescriptions counterpart)
  • Emergency dental/medical appointment (please make routine appointments after school or during the holidays)
  • Day of religious observance
  • Other exceptional circumstances i.e. participation in a public performance with an approved licence application from the Local Authority. 

Unauthorised absence

  • If no explanation is received from the parent/carer
  • Insufficient detail given for child’s absence e.g. “Student is unwell today”
  • If attendance is below 95% and no medical evidence is provided
  • For looking after siblings
  • Shopping trips
  • Unexceptional special occasions i.e. birthdays
  • For family holidays where prior permission was not sought or was refused
Last updated August 30, 2023