Year 11 update

08 March 2021

Dear Year 11 students, 

Following on from the Ofqual announcements and subsequent assembly last week, I felt it important to write to you all to update you on the very latest information. 

  • Teachers can use a range of evidence to make a judgement of the grade they are performing at.
  • Students should only be assessed on what they have been taught. Centres will need to provide accessible questions and tasks for lower attaining students and appropriately demanding questions and tasks for higher attaining students to support higher grades.
  • Every student will have the right to appeal their grade.
  • Students will receive their results for GCSEs on the 12 August.
  • Ofqual will put in place the technical framework needed to implement the arrangements for students completing vocational qualifications.

We are still awaiting further exam board clarification on the evidence body we will be using to assess students and how we will be assessing students in school between the information being released and 18 June. Once I have this information and Ipswich Academy’s internal quality assurance processes in place I will share this with you. 

The grades will be evidence informed. We will only be able to submit a grade for a student if we have sufficient evidence that they are working at that standard. 

All staff are very much looking forward to welcoming you back on Wednesday 10 March as you go into your final months as Ipswich Academy students. You all need to prepare yourself for the last uphill push, as staff we will push you to reach your potential, you need to show the willingness and determination to reach the top.  

Do not give up Year 11!  You have been on an incredible journey, keep working hard and know that every piece of work you complete will still make a difference.

Yours sincerely, 

Abbie Thorrington

Last updated March 8, 2021