Information for students who will join Ipswich Academy in September 2016 – transition days 7 and 8 July

We are looking forward to meeting you on the 7th and 8th July at Ipswich Academy.

A plan for the two days has been posted to your home address. You will be taking part in art and music lessons on the two mornings and team building activities in the afternoon. You must wear your full primary school uniform on both days.

When you move to Ipswich Academy you will find that you are in a different tutor group (class) to the friends you had at primary school. Some students worry that they will find it hard to make friends. Do not worry. Your form tutor will encourage you to make friends through activities that you will do in tutor time. In no time at all, you will find that as well as having your friends from primary school, you have also made a lot of new friends.

Ipswich Academy is going to be a lot bigger than your primary school. In order to help you move around, you will have a tour on your transition days and another tour on your first day of school. You will also be provided with a map of the school, and on the first few days at Ipswich Academy staff will be with you to show you around. If you get lost, ask an adult or a student where to go. They will take you to where you should be.

Please write any questions you have in the space on the timetable which has been posted to you and bring them with you. Your form tutor will answer them.

Last updated June 30, 2016