Exciting Co-Leadership model begins at Ipswich Academy

Abbie Thorrington and Samuel Fox to take joint leadership of Ipswich Academy.

Abbie Thorrington, who has been Principal at Ipswich Academy since 2020, returns this week, after maternity leave, to take joint leadership of the school with Samuel Fox, who has been Interim Principal in Abbie’s absence.

Abbie will be based at Ipswich Academy for four days a week, while Samuel will have one Friday off every two weeks. The working arrangements bear testament to Paradigm Trust’s commitment to providing a family friendly workplace for all staff.

This arrangement adds capacity to the Senior Leadership Team, increasing it to two Principals and three Assistant Principals. This is a more sustainable model of leadership for the school as it shares the load and doubles the experience and capacity to support the rest of the staff.

“I’m looking forward to co-leading with Abbie,” said Samuel. “Abbie and I have worked together for over 10 years, first when she trained as a PE teacher then together as Assistant Principals for around three years before Abbie became Principal, so we know each other’s working practices very well.”

“The Co-Leadership model is an exciting step forward for Ipswich Academy, “ said Abbie “ It strengthens the leadership team and in turn, the teaching staff throughout the school. Samuel and I have already worked in partnership for several years which makes this model even stronger.”

Last updated December 13, 2023