Book Mastermind takes centre stage at Ipswich Academy

Ipswich Academy’s Book Mastermind final took place over two days in January 2016.

This was the 21st anniversary of the Suffolk competition and was a final for the top nine student scorers from the heats that had taken place during the 2nd half of the previous autumn term.

There were two rounds; a general knowledge round that followed the Book round where students were asked up to 20 questions in two minutes on the fiction book of their choice.

It was a close contest but Dylan Clements in Year 9 proved to be the winner, with Matthew Stothard, also in year 9, runner up, only one point behind.

Katie-Marie Kane in Year 7 came 3rd – she has two more years to enter and take the top position!

The other six competitors were Yeheni Bodhinayake, Rhianna Burrows, Aviha Faija, Harry Farthing, Angel Grey and Lucas Silva.

Encouraging students to read for pleasure is at the core of what we do.


Last updated January 18, 2016