The Academy opens from 9:00 AM until 3:20 PM each day of the week. Lessons, breaks and lunch times run at the same time every day at these times:

09:00-09:20   Registration

09:20-10:20   Lesson 1

10:20-11:20   Lesson 2

11:20-11:40   Break

11:40-12:40   Lesson 3

12:40-13:20  Lunch

13:20-14:20   Lesson 4

14:20-15:20   Lesson 5

What happens if a student is late?

All students are required to be onsite by 8:58am, in order to be on time to registration, with doors opening at 8:45am. Students arriving late to school receive a lunchtime detention that day. If students are persistently late, then other measures will be explored with parents/carers to improve this.

What about if they have a valid reason for being late to school such as an appointment?

In these situations, as long as we have been notified by parents or carers, then this is seen as a valid reason for being late to school and you will not receive a detention that day.

Are there any clubs before or after school?

Yes, the Academy has many clubs available during lunchtimes and after school. More information about these clubs and when they run can be found here: We do not currently offer clubs before school but we do offer intervention for GCSE students as they start to revise for their exams. Moreover, our SYSZ area is open to all students before school, who need to use school computers to complete homework. 

Can the pupils buy food at break and lunchtime?

Yes, food is available in our canteens, at break and lunchtime. For more information about the menu, pricing and how you pay for the food, please look at the information available here: 

Which lessons will I study?

If you look at the picture below, you can see which lessons you will learn and how many of those lessons that you will have over two weeks.

Below are some pictures of the some of the work that our pupils have produced so that you can get an idea of what our day to day learning is like.

Last updated April 14, 2023