The House system, and its linked reward system, aim to celebrate the successes of all our students who strive to achieve their best in all aspects of their life in school. It gives students the opportunity to be rewarded for efforts and achievement in all areas. Students regularly earn house points for excellent work and ‘going above and beyond’ around the school. However, we believe that the most important aims of the system are:

  • to facilitate more mixing between the different year groups (post Covid)
  • increase community spirit
  • increase student engagement in learning (impacting on progress and attainment)
  • developing peer mentoring
  • encouraging students involvement in competitions
  • developing leadership opportunities for students in both KS3 and KS4. 

Each House has an elected House Captain and allocated Base Group Leaders, as well as three staff House Team Leaders. These students and staff meet regularly to discuss ideas for fundraising opportunities and to design and run events,  as well as how to improve the school and share the student’s voices from their classes. Every fortnight, students and staff are set House competitions and are updated on who is currently winning on the House leader board.

Last updated April 14, 2023