We wish our students to look smart and we believe that a simple dress code promotes equality and gives a very positive message to the local community.

All the uniform carrying the school logo must be purchased from:

PMG Schoolwear, 40 Westgate Street, Ipswich
Tel 01473 212050


This carries the new Ipswich Academy badge. The old badge can no longer be worn but you can purchase a new one, to sew over the old one, from PMG for £5.


Trousers must be traditional, formal school trousers with straight legs, no stretchy fabric or patch pockets and which measure at least 35 cm (14 inches) around each hem. These can be purchased anywhere as long as they conform. Many shops sell skinny trousers as “school trousers” but these are unacceptable at Ipswich Academy. There are very serious sanctions for students who do not wear the correct trousers.

Shirt and tie

White formal shirts and Ipswich Academy ties must be worn by everyone – black polo shirts are not acceptable.


This is not compulsory but, if desired, must be purchased at the shop. Black V necked with purple stripes around the neck and carry the new logo. Cardigans are not acceptable.

PE top

Unisex (carries the new logo).

PE shorts

Plain black


Plain, entirely black, traditional shoes and no black trainers.

If you have any queries please contact Linda Winstone at the school.
Last updated July 18, 2016