Our role as a school is to give all our pupils the best possible education, and to raise standards and improve learning for all our pupils.

What do we teach?

Ipswich Academy follows the national curriculum.

At key stage 4 (years 10 and 11), pupils prepare for public examinations.


All pupils study English language leading to one GCSE and English literature leading to a second GCSE.


All pupils study mathematics leading to one GCSE.


There are two main pathways offered in science:

  • GCSEs in biology, chemistry and physics
  • GCSE core and additional science


All students continue with physical education in key stage 4 and a variety of activities are offered.


Pupils continue their PSHE studies in basegroup time and during assemblies.

Option subjects

Pupils choose which subjects they wish to specialise in for their studies in years 10 and 11. Please see the key stage 4 curriculum booklet.

Further information relating to curriculum is available on request – please contact the academy.

Last updated June 22, 2018