Current year – September 2019 to end August 2020

Ipswich Academy expects to receive £180,295 in pupil premium for the period September 2019 to end March 2020. The allocation for April 2020 to end August 2020 has yet to be confirmed 

The school plans to spend this, or has already spent this, as follows:

[NB where the chosen services/spend benefit all pupils, the funding contribution has been pro-rated to reflect the proportion of pupil premium students within the target population. Salary costs have been pro-rated to 7/12 to reflect cost to the end of March.

We have used an evidence based approach to make decisions on our Pupil Premium spend.  Each area of spend has been cross-referenced to “The EEF Guide to The Pupil Premium”. 

  • £70500 to provide staffing for small intervention groups and within class support (in mathematics, English and science) so that pupils can access tailored support at point of need (EEF tier 1 – quality first teaching)
  • £35600 to provide key stage 3 and key stage 4 inclusion teams so that any pastoral issues can be addressed immediately (EEF tier 3 – wider strategies: behaviour approaches and attendance)
  • £15000 to provide pastoral support so families and pupils can be supported with their social and emotional needs ensuring that strong communication exists between home and school resulting in good attendance (EEF tier 3 – wider strategies: SEMH support)
  • £18000 to provide funding for Saturday morning and holiday additional learning sessions for year 11 pupils (EEF tier 2 – targeted academic support: structured interventions)
  • £20000 to provide study hub for key stage 3 pupils and breakfast revision/after school revision for years 10 and 11 pupils so that all pupils have a safe and calm environment to study in (EEF tier 3 – wider strategies: breakfast clubs)
  • £12000 to provide revision guides and calculators to all year 11 pupils (EEF tier 3 – wider strategies: study support)
  • £2500 to provide GCSE Pod online learning package to KS4 pupils to support their revision at home (EEF tier 2 – targeted academic support: structured interventions)
  • £1000 to provide Hegarty Maths to years 7 – 11 pupils so that pupils and parents can access online mathematics support from home (EEF tier 2 – targeted academic support: structured interventions)
  • £1000 to provide information/study evenings for parents/carers (years 7-11) followed by family meal to help develop relationships with parents/carers in a relaxed and supportive environment (EEF tier 3 – wider strategies: parental engagement)
  • £4695 for year 11 pupils to attend ‘revision bootcamp’ residential to prepare them for study in year 11 (EEF tier 3 – wider strategies:study support)
Last updated August 29, 2019